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Get Your Website Online In Three Easy Steps

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1.Get Your Hosting plan

Select the suitable web hosting plan which fulfill the need of your website/Business.

2.Select or buy a Domain

Select the domain name that you already owns or buy a totally new domain from us.

3.Start Creating website

After successfull hosting setup start creating your website with website builders.


Get answers of your Basic Questions related to Webpehost & Services.

A domain name is  the name of a website that users type into their browser to access it. It’s like the street address of a house, but for a website. A domain name is made up of a website name and a domain extension

Web hosting is a service that allows users to publish their website or web application on the internet by renting space on a physical server. The server provides storage for the website’s files and data. So if you are clear about this, why not to get started with Webpehost?

No, you can either use your old domain purchased from another registrar or you can register a free domain with annual plans, if you want to register domain seperately you can do it too.

Certainly! Here’s a concise version of the steps to create a website with web hosting:

1. Plan Your Website:
Define your purpose and outline your content.

2. Choose a Domain:
Use a domain registrar to find and purchase a domain name.

3. Get Web Hosting:
Select a hosting plan that suits your needs.

4. Set Up Your Website:
Connect your domain to your hosting, install a CMS (like WordPress), and design your site.

5. Test and Launch:
Preview your site, test its functionality, optimize for SEO, and then launch it.

6. Maintain and Update:
Regularly back up your site, update software, monitor performance, and keep content fresh.

Following these steps will help you successfully create and manage your own website. Let me know if you need more details on any specific step!

We provide variety of web hosting according to your needs such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, wordpress hosting, premium hosting and reseller hosting. Just you need to choose hosting plan and purcahse it.

Each plan contents diffrent configration and specifications. You need to choose plan according to your needs.

There are many kinds of hosting like shared hosting which is best for beginners, cloud hosting which is best for high traffic sites, wordpress hosting which is best for bloggers, resseller hosting which is best for starting web hosting businesses etc.

Yes, Our servers are resilient enough to allow you anytime upgradation of your resources, so no matter whether you are planning to start a new business or you want to scale your business you can upgrade to any plan without any hidden charges.

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